Detroit Considers Fast Food Tax - CBS News

“We used to see diabetes 20 years back, diabetes at 50 or 40 years of age. Now we are seeing diabetes at 15 years of age, 18 years of age.” Misra said he hopes other Indian states will also use fast food taxes.

Detroit Considers Fast Food Tax

Last year, when the fast food tax idea was first raised, the employers in the field warned about an increase by over 20 percent in the price of food and sacking 36,000 employees, or 20 percent of the personnel in the food industry.

Fast Food Tax May Land in Romania - CBS News

Caja officials believe a proposed fast food tax would help the agency’s finances and benefit public health.

As a rule, governments should not seek quick and temporary fixes to structural budget problems. Sin taxes like the fast food tax are quick fixes that would have serious economic and moral consequences. Government leaders really ought to address their own appetite for spending tax dollars before they try to regulate the appetites of their constituents.

Learning Objectives:
Evaluate the evidence supporting estimates of the potential impact of restaurant menu calorie labeling and fast food taxes on child and adult BMI and related healthcare costsCompare the cost-effectiveness of restaurant menu calorie labeling and fast food taxes to other nutrition policy and programmatic approaches to reducing childhood obesityThey come up with a fast food tax that it’s supposed to be paid by all the entities that produce or import food with a high level of salt, fats, sugar and additives: fast food, pastry, cakes, snacks, chips and fizzy drinks.As one of the great examples of the American entrepreneurial spirit, fast food restaurants are under growing threats these days. The fast food tax, or “fat tax,” is really the newest incarnation of the age-old “sin” tax. The reasoning is that fast foods, which tend to be higher in calories, fat and cholesterol than other types of food, are unhealthy, and therefore worthy of special government attention. Taiwan also recently floated a fast food tax, while Denmark and Austria have made artery-clogging trans-fats illegal. Britain, Norway and Sweden have banned junk food commercials from TV at certain times of the day, while Norway also has long taxed sugar and chocolate.