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If you are new to expository or not familiar enough with the concept, it will be helpful to have some good expository essay examples to refer to. An example will give you a more accurate idea of the concept of expository writing. You can also get a better idea of the appropriate presentation method and writing style for expository essays. But remember to use the example only for reference purposes. Copying or rewriting any part of the example would be counted as plagiarism. Also, do not compromise on the quality of the sample you choose. A poorly prepared expository essay example can mislead you into repeating the mistakes made in it.

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Words used to refer to the first person include I, me, and myself. We use the first person when expressing our own personal opinions. Second person words include you, yourself, and yours. Using such words would not be a good idea to your readers. Words use to refer to the third person include, he, she, them, they among others. Most expository essay examples are done in third person.

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There is a critically done expository essay example analysis which will make you aware of the detailed parts of an expository essay.
This essay describes the process of making a cake. Read carefully to understand how a process is described in order.