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As we are studying the words of renown philosophers and the stories of great authors I am beginning to feel my mind opening to a world of new knowledge. There is so much to learn, so much to soak up and enjoy. I have immersed myself in new thoughts, and perspectives of life as a whole after having experienced the ideas of both Existentialism and Kafka’s story of The Metamorphosis.

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The Outsider's Meursault is existentialist, finding a need for a meaning to life only when his is about to be taken. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, on the other hand, has a meaning to his life, and wishes it away. The gradual move towards existentialism in Kafka's novella runs throughout, from the moment Gregor wakes up as a bug; until the moment he breaths no more. Gregor shows that he knows his life has meaning when at the beginning of the novella he is more concerned about how he will fulfil his social purpose than

EXISTENTIALISM in Kafka's Metamorphosis

Existentialism and Kafka

Whether it is the country man standing , or the explorer witnessing the terrible operations of a killing apparatus , Kafka gives a firm idea of existential ideas and perspectives on ideas such as death and absurdity. The awareness of death, and the fact that existence precedes essence, is largely what Kafka portrayed. The absurdity of fruitless ideas, traditions, and actions is a second existential theme Kafka depicts in both of these works of literature. Though Kafka may not be considered a strictly existentialist writer, he certainly brings many ideas of it into his work. His work may seem ambiguous at times, but it is meant to make the reader truly contemplate his or her own existence.