Some examples of juxtaposition are:

Juxtaposition can be used to exaggerate or emphasize a theme in a story. It is used multiple times and occasions in To Kill a Mockingbird, to emphasize many different themes throughout the book. I will show examples of these juxtapositions and pictures along with them to represent the items being compared and contrasted.

Other examples of juxtapositions:

Examples of juxtaposition exist in everyday life, and there is a good chance there are at least one or two happening any given time you’re out photographing. Have you ever realized that when you’re in a grocery store, there’s rarely ever similar colors next to each other? Yeah, that’s one for you right there.

Can you give me an example of juxtaposition?

A great example of good juxtaposition in an exhibition. Copernicus science centre, Warsaw.

Now we’ve compiled a few examples of interesting juxtapositions in five images by PhotoShelter members. Their ability to create stories, comparisons, and even a bit of humor are great inspirations for anyone looking to juxtapose their photos. While you’re checking out these examples, ask yourself: “When you stare at these photos, what draws you in?”