Can you give an example of reverse psychology?

Do you guys still remember the YouTube Video of a child being told to walk instead of taking the van? If not, here’s a link to this 18 million view video: ” A few seconds later into the video, you see the child agreeing to the request of his father. As the video title hints, it is a very good example of reverse psychology working. People tend to go against what they are told to do.

An example of Reverse Psychology Marketing:

Classic examples of reverse psychology in popular culture include a with a sign next to it saying "Do not push", or a sign saying "Jump at your own risk".

example of reverse psychology in advertising campaign

Is the presedential campaign of Donald Trump a brilliant example of reverse psychology?

See, Schrock says that's an example of reverse psychology. A perfectionist, he's obsessive about his lessons because he's sure Bartlett-Spalding is leading him on and she has the bruised feet to prove it. He'd much rather put his skates on again for the first time in two years and go toe-to-toe against a 6-foot-6, 250-pound defenseman who possesses a crushing right hand. Somehow, that would not be as scary.

Why should Capt. Canaby hire the Pussycats and then try to scare them away? And why does he talk them into staying when Johnny asks them to leave? If that was an example of reverse psychology, it didn't work very well.In fact, the knowledge of their interest in, and apparent opposition to, only adds to its appeal. It actively encourages interest in the book, on the grounds that, if the CIA don't want us to read it, there must be something worth reading. We suspect that this was the CIA's real intention, in a classic example of reverse psychology.