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The investigation into alleged exam cheating at the Provincial Police Region 1, which reportedly involved at least 10 university students, was still ongoing, he added.

The government cannot trust the teacher to prepare the students for exams without cheating.

Does everyone cheat, or is it just the habitual cheaters? Lab studies repeatedly find that while not everyone cheats when presented with the opportunity, under some circumstances most people will do so to a certain extent. For instance, in a typical laboratory experiment examining cheating, people are asked to complete a task (e.g., do a math test under time pressure, roll a die) and then self-report their performance. The higher participants' self-reported performance, the higher the payment they receive. The results usually show that people inflate their performance in order to earn more money, but only to a certain level above their real performance, and far below the maximum payoff possible. Additional research () show that increased compensation often erodes performance.

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The teacher cannot trust the government to oversee the exams without cheating.

Microsoft typically sues in civil court rather than pursue criminal charges. It’s hard to convince law enforcement to take an exam cheating case because it’s not as “sexy” as software piracy, according to Crowley.