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From last weak I am very sad.I can’t to eat or even can’t sleep. I will tell you the reason behind this.. I am a first year degree student. Last weak I got an essay assignment about the topic creative essay on heroes. I don’t know how to write about this topic. Since I am a first year student I have no idea about creative essay even have no idea about normal essays. So I request you to suggests some creative titles for the topic heroes and help me to write this essay. I hope you can help me and I have only a limited time for submission.. Thanks in advance…

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And then there are the essays on other topics, such as rock music, comic books and cartoons. His essay on Elmer J. Fudd is a brilliant treatise on an animated anomaly. "His head," Hajdu notes, "is a fruit bowl of round shapes: honeydew cheeks, plum nose. ... " But Fudd's heart is what matters: "By nature open-minded, trusting, sensitive and forgiving, Elmer is congenitally ill-equipped to deal with Bugs, the image of savvy charm, quick wit, and resourcefulness, not to mention duplicity." Bugs Bunny is the hip headliner, but Fudd is the lovable Everyman. -

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