David by Donatello Bronze Statue: History, Interpretation

The Profeta Imberbe (beardless prophet) was made in 1416-18, so it’s the most ancient of the trio of Donatello statues. Donatello already shows that he’s abandoning the gothic style to embrace the Renaissance. Gothic statues are elegant, thin, while this statue shows all the weight of the body. Some vague gothic element remains, like the long thin neck of the man, but if you look at the big hands you can see the realism of the Renaissance taking over.

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"Do you like penicillin on your pizza?"

The next character in Sideshow's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection is here - Donatello!

The brainy brother of the fearsome fighting team, Donatello is as adept at using his mind as he is his muscles. Poised with his trusty bo staff on a sewer scene base, the Donatello statue is the perfect compliment to the other Turtles from the collection - each with bases that create a dynamic display when placed in proximity to one another.

An original interpretation crafted out of polyresin, Donatello is a fitting edition to those who look back and remember a time when anthropomorphic turtles and pizza were the only things that really mattered.

Sideshow Donatello Statue Now Available For Pre-order

The Donatello Polystone Statue features movable eyes and a themed base that can be displayed as a companion to his brothers , , and .

The sculpting on the Donatello statue is excellent. It captures the shorter and slightly stubby look of the original Mirage designs. The statue is also surprisingly large. The box claims it is nine inches. But even with the legs slightly bent pose, Donatello stands at least nine and three quarters inches tall. And measured from the bottom of the base to the tip of the bow is slightly over a foot tall when the bo is held in the center. Of course there is no lack of detail either on Donatello, his bo or the base. Even the rings are visible on the end of the bo staff. There are just two things keeping it from being a perfect ten. The first is the hands which have a slightly rough look that doesn't match with the rest of the body. The other issue is the fit for the bo staff. The staff is a separate piece which slides into the preposed hands much like Leonardo's katana on the first statue. But the hands are molded just slightly larger than the diameter of the staff. The weight of the bo is enough to keep it from sliding out, but just barely.