language because of the distinctively visual images created by watson

Composers use distinctively visual images to explore complex ideas. These ideas are what make the visual images distinctive or memorable. In the australian play Shoe Horn Sonata by john misto and the Vivian Bullwinkel story used distinctly visual techniques to highlight the past experiences during war. Both storys shared by two friends, Shelia and Birdie and Vivian and Betty. Through the use of powerful dialogue and threatric techniquies, both storys explore through their use of proof, the untold story of hundred and thousands of women imprisoned by the Japanese.

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'Cinema that interests me is cinema about openings, unresolved questions and experiements, … without refusing chaos, chance, destiny or the unexpected.' This quote by Tom Tykwer (Composer), epitomizes how he is trying to explore the range of possibilities in film. Also making it distinctive to draw in the audience by having open ended possibilities in film. The movie 'Run lola run' directed by Tom Tykwer and 'the red tree' written by shaun tan, both establish two core ideas which are chance and time. The use of a variety of techniques create distinctively visual images that are highly distinctive.

MODULE A: Experience through language

In what ways do composers transport us to another time and place through distinctively visual images?

By using distinctive and purposeful images and cinematic techniques, Tykwer portrays ‘fate’ as a highly unpredictable occurrence. It is significantly evident that distinctively visual images play an important role in Tom Tylwer’s, ‘Run Lola Run’. The combination of techniques, including motifs and symbols further emphasise meaning through the use of imagery. The ability to establish a plot through more imagery than dialogue is highly effective.