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The works included here present critical studies and collections of essays that analyze generally the literature produced by Cubans in exile. For purposes of clarity these overviews have been divided into three sections. The first section includes analyses of works written by Cubans in exile throughout the world, often discussing diaspora writings in the context of Cuban literature. The second category includes critical essays on Cuban exile writers working in the United States, frequently dealing with issues of assimilation, bilingualism, and biculturalism. The third section investigates the writers who left the island in the Mariel boatlift of the early 1980s, and the themes of sexual, political, and creative struggle in their work.

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Galeano's reading of the filibuster as an Anglo-American invader of Latin America is at odds with the ways exiled Cubans conceived the . For Tolón, Villaverde, Zenea, and others, the was a symbol of exiles' determination to oust Spain from the island. While they called for the participation of the U.S. masses in the filibustering of Cuba, many Cubans identified themselves as and presented their expeditions as examples of republican efforts to bring democracy and egalitarianism to the island. "El Filibustero" was the title of a poem and the name of a newspaper that attempted to dredge up support for filibustering expeditions to Cuba. Cuban writers believed that filibustering had both a textual and a military component; it was both a metaphor for the writer as activist and a historical movement. In turn, I deploy "filibustering" as a historically specific term that paves the way for conceiving the writers as trying to take control of land. I use the term " newspapers" to refer to a handful of papers that overtly advocated support of filibustering expeditions, including , , and the papers published by Tolón. Other papers published by Cubans during this period had more ambivalent positions toward filibustering, and still others outright rejected the U.S. annexation of Cuba.

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Appended to the collection are Kelli Larson’s bibliography of scholarly writing on Hemingway’s Cuban works and Ned Quevedo Arnaiz’s sample of Cuban writing on those works. A chronology placing Hemingway’s life in Cuba beside historical events is also provided.