Create a revision timetable (and stick to it!)

Creating a revision timetable using these techniques should help make the revision process much less stressful and frightening that it may initially seem. Take your time, plan ahead and don’t panic, and you’ll step into each exam feeling prepared and confident!

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Revision season is almost upon us and despite telling students that they should be revising throughout the year, this is when it really begins in earnest. We as teachers know that it is not enough to just tell students to revise and expect them to just know how to do it, so with this in mind I was asked to put together a unit of work for year 11 students on effective revision. This including how to create a revision timetable, the importance of taking breaks and looking after yourself as well as techniques to help them with the actual process of revising.

How To Create Your Revision Timetable

Create a revision timetable

, offers a quick and easy way of creating your revision timetable template. You simply need to drag and drop your subjects onto your timetable template. From there you can set the date and time, whether the event recurs edaily, weekly or monthly—it’s up to you!