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Perhaps the most awesome consequence of Pearl Harbor was the development of nuclear weapons. Two of these were used to end the war against Japan. Revisionist historians have argued that these should not have been used, that Japan could have been driven to surrender by conventional bombing. True enough, but at what cost? Both Japanese and American casualties would have been far greater, and the war would have been prolonged.

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The intrusion hardly had the consequences of Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, when the incoming force was seen on radar and dismissed. But it had similar characteristics. Then, as now, a failure of imagination about the motives and plans of a longtime adversary meant that government officials were not fully alert to the possibility that Putin might try tactics here that have worked so well for him in Ukraine, the Baltics and other parts of Europe.

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To answer your question, the consequencses of the Pearl Harbor attack were the loss of great numbers of Japanese and Chinese soldiers, and a large number of casualties among the Allied soldiers. Another consequence is that the US learned to be vigilant and not let a nation sneak up and bomb them again.