Describe chewing in process of digestion

Food breaks should be relaxing while indulging in the pleasure and taste with every bite should be the real essence of eating. This can be achieved if your go slow with the chewing process. Take a bite and enjoy the texture, taste, and flavor till it breaks down and swallowed.

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The first step of digestion involves the mouth and teeth. Food enters the mouth and is immediately broken down into smaller pieces by our teeth. Each type of tooth serves a different function in the chewing process. Incisors cut foods when you bite into them. The sharper and longer canines tear food. The premolars, which are flatter than the canines, grind and mash food. Molars, with their points and grooves, are responsible for the most vigorous chewing. All the while, the tongue helps to push the food up against our teeth.

During the chewing process, food is kept between the molar

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The mouth begins the digestive process. Food entering the mouth is chewed using the . The chewing process is also known as mastication. Chewing uses muscles in the (lower jawbone) to close the lower jaw against the upper jaw. These muscles are very strong, capable of crushing relatively hard food. The teeth tear, cut, chop, and grind food into smaller pieces that can be swallowed.