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If you are writing very niche specific articles or article writing is technical in nature then certainly it is not advisable to use the cheap article writers. Here's why. Many writers cheaper just copy and paste the information for your article from other sources, since they are not trying to be well paid cheating. For example, if you paid U.S. $ 1 write a 500 word article is spend 30 minutes doing the research? The stark reality is probably not, so do not fool yourself into thinking that these writers cheap either.

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In most cases, however, cheap article writers will not provide you with the top-quality content your website needs. They may also create content that actually proves to be a negative for your website. One of the major reasons for increased traffic to any website is high quality content that adheres to a certain standard. Search engines like Google want to provide searchers with a list of quality, relevant websites with quality content. They have introduced certain algorithms that take into account keyword density and the overall value of the content being provided. In many instances, good content is the mechanism that drives traffic to your website.