Characteristics of a True Friend

True friendship is a gift of God, and a person who has a true friend should be thankful and appreciate that friendship. CS Lewis said that friends are people that face in the same direction toward common projects, goals – above all, towards a common Lord.” What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” (The Four Loves) David and Jonathan are a beautiful picture of what true friendship is. What are the characteristics of a true friend?

Characteristics of a true friend.

I have been blessed with countless amazing friendships in my life...I cherish my friends and I love them all so much. To me, the characteristics of a true friend is someone who will stand by you, no matter what. Someone you can trust with your deepest secrets. Someone who will bring you dinner and take your kids, even when you say no...just because they know that you need it. Someone that makes you feel happy when you are around them. Someone who doesn't compete with you, but is happy for you when good things happen in your life. Someone who will have your back and stand up for you. Someone who doesn't get offended or jealous if you spend time with someone else. Someone who truly wants what is best for you, even if it is not best for them. Someone who cheers you on in your life!

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Thinking about these characteristics of true friends help me find more of them!

In conclusion, all the characteristics above are just some of many characteristics of true friends. However, the most important thing is that you should treat your friends and think of them from the bottom of your heart. Also, if you have some true friends, you should try your best to keep them by your side because true friends are not easy to find.