social media is the cause of failed celebrity marriages in the tweets

The first cause of failed marriages in our society is work pressure. This point figures out that they have many works to do in their office in order to earn a lot of money to satisfy family life requirements so that this causes work pressure. When they go home, they feel tired and do not share housework with their wife. Furthermore, the women have to do everything from family works to their job in office led to work pressure. These reasons resulted to quarrel each other more and more and one of them will disappoint their partner when they compare the wife or husband with other people. For instance, people achieved in their work but they cannot certainly have a perfect family such as Quang Dung singer and Johnny Tri Nguyen actor.

12 Things That Can Cause Marriage Failure - Charisma Magazine

Betty insisted that social media is the cause of failed celebrity marriages in the tweets.
According to her, social media meddle too much it to celebrities affairs and sensationalise lovers spats so much.

Of course you don't want your marriage to fail, do you

Causes of Failed Marriages

2. The Couples fall into the concept of a “fifty-fifty” relationship, meaning they honestly expect their spouses to meet them halfway on all aspects
3. The society has taught us that mankind is basically good. Therefore, often the couples fail to anticipate and assess their self-centered natures that demand their own way.
4. The married couples fail to cope with life’s trials or hard times . When painful trials come into the marriage, instead of standing together through them, couples tend to blame each other or in other words think something is wrong with the spouse and the way they handle the pain and this leads to their separation .
5. Many people have got a fantasy view of love and life . They abruptly feel stuck with person who does not appear to loving and become deceived into the wrong belief that the next one will be better than the current ..
6. it is also observed at large scale that many people lack a vital relationship with region background . It could be that they have never come to a specific point in time when they asked their deities into their lives as a result he has no impact on the marriage relationship.
7. The Marriages are often forced , in such condition the circumstances lead to divorce due misunderstanding between the Couple . They are married with the will of their parents . They do not appear to interested in them selves .
8. The women are very jealous with other women so they do not want their love divided in two parts , this is an other important cause of failure of marriages .
9. The heavy drunkards often beat their wives and inflict punishment which causes a serious reaction and the circumstances lead them to separation.
10.There is an other common failure of parenting is to not instill principles in children.