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Well the caged animal is also meant as a metaphor of how we cage ourselves with our own internal repressions. As it seems is the case with that bear you mention which has become conditioned to the idea of living in a small cage.

does that hadith mean were not allowed to cage animals? if yes, then what about this hadith?

this is terrible, sad and anyone with a human bone in their body should stand up against this kind of acts on animals. I encourage anyone who has read these facts to do something about it. Weather it is donating to a charity fighting for animals freedom, or sending a letter/email to a owner of caged animals that do not have a appropriate habitat, such as a zoo or farm.

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ive got 5 rabbits (in 5x2x2 ft cages) and a fishtank about 175 question is, in islam, are we allowed to cage animals?

But concern for caged animals has caught enough mainstream interest that New York and California introduced bills that would outlaw killer whales kept in captivity. Their focus on killer whales is in large part owed to a 2013 documentary called Blackfish, but it proves that it has become a concern for more than a fringe of animal-rights advocates. So much so, that last March, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment said it would stop breeding captive killer whales. And if keeping an orca in large tank is unethical, then why not an elephant, a tiger, or a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla?

The zinger is Barber's point that we practice doublethink. Most of us interact with the human side of animals. We negotiate. We exchange affection. Yet when it comes to eating, hunting, and caging animals, our experience goes into the closet. Giving human attributes to an animal is what we do for children, or for the child within us. We separate that from reality because those human qualities stand to inconvenience us terribly. Our pets deserve the same opportunities which exist in our human world, where people are no longer institutionalised if they don’t fit “the norm”. SAFE does not believe in caging animals. Pets are so much happier in a natural home environment where their true personality can be shown. It assists to match the right pet with the right owner and allows us to better assess the pet for any health or behavioural needs.