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The best American writers have come from the hinterlands -- Mark Twain, Theodore Dreiser, Jack London, Hemingway, Faulkner, Wolfe, Steinbeck. Most of them never even went to college.

Best American writer of all time because of his beautiful prose and experimental writing

HB: Yes, it is quite right. But after all there is nothing mysterious about the daemon. The great inspiration behind my study is a book by my late good acquaintance E. R Dodds, The Greeks and the Irrational, a profound and permanent influence upon me and upon my book. There is a peculiarly American sense of the demonic. My book is about twelve writers, I do not say they are the best American writers, though I myself believe they are, but I am not presenting them as such. They are certainly among our best. And I don't think their contribution to American literature has been matched by anybody born in the twentieth century. I think our two greatest figures are Walt Whitman and Herman Melville, so I give a more fullscale account of Whitman's poetry and then provide with a pretty close reading of that magnificent book called Moby Dick by Melville. I proceed from there to Emerson and to Emily Dickinson, one of the greatest poets and probably a poet with more originality than anyone in the language except William Shakespeare himself, all the way to Crane, a poet I have a special passion for who unfortunately committed suicide at 32 and who remains an extraordinary figure in lyric poetry.

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