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The school was once named Honors College. It was established in 1988 by the Arizona Board of Regents. After the first few years, the school was recognized as one of the few honors colleges in the country that are considered to be among the best in the nation. One of the alumni of the school, named Craig Barrett and his wife, Barbara, donated a significant amount of endowment to the school in 2000. Since then the school was renamed as Barrett Honors College, in honor of the couple.

  Barrett Honors College key to recruiting top students

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Barrett Honors College key to recruiting top students

ASU's Barrett Honors College, a LEED Gold certified student housing facility in Tempe.

Alli Tooms, downtown Residential Student College Leader and Barrett Honors College Council Downtown representative, said that the fee increase was due to an increase in tuition. With the growing number of students coming to ASU, the program needs to be able to provide more resources.

Going to college can be one of the most important experiences that a person can have in their life. There are several benefits of going to college. Aside from getting a college degree, there are also several benefits just from experiencing a college education. But not everyone can afford to go to college. Most of the best schools are either exclusive or expensive. But in each location, there can be several colleges and universities to choose from. These schools can be more accessible while still providing a quality education. Among the best schools in the state of Arizona includes the Barrett Honors College.The Barrett Honors College is located in the south portion of the Tempe campus (directly north of Apache Boulevard), along the eastern boundary of the campus. It is the first honors college in the country to be housed in a free-standing campus.