How to Stop Bad Teenagers Behavior Problems

Dealing with bad teenager behavior problems can be frustrating and stressful for parents. Basically, here's the situation for many parents: You have a young adult living in your home who is too young to leave, but too old to police. Drugs, sex, music, money and the internet are bad teen behavior issues that affect your household. How do you deal with teenager problems that are driving you insane??? The answer? Develop a plan for dealing with bad teen behavior problems, but at the same time making him/her accountable for their actions. This eHow article gives step-by-step instructions for dealing with your bad teenage behavior problems.

Teenager Part 3: What is the Secondary Gain Behind Bad Teen Behavior

Another quick and easy way to understand your teen’s irresponsible behaviors and poor choices is in terms of the “secondary gain” he gets from those decisions. What is the secondary gain behind bad teen behavior?

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