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Ask Jeeves employs a staff who are responsible for creating a proprietary knowledge base. They review web pages using their own criteria for inclusion based on such things as currency, reliability and content prior to including them in the database. Their automated search technology also analyses previous choices that users have made in order to suggest the most appropriate web pages. Ask Jeeves also periodically partners with other information providers in an attempt to provide even more appropriate content.

f. AskJeeves also gives you links to information from related searches.

The Jeeves brand will return in a national TV, press, radio and online campaign kicking off this week after research found that 83% of UK consumers still identified the search engine by the Ask Jeeves name and butler character.

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Ask jeeves uses question based search queries to distribute search results.

Shares of Ask Jeeves gained $3.41, or 14 percent, to $27.65 in pre-market trading on Inet following Monday’s announcement, while shares of IAC lost 60 cents, or about 2.5 percent, to $21.69. “

After a number of starts with different agencies, Ask Jeeves, the first natural language search engine on the Web, approached RadiantBrands to develop revised visual branding before they went public. "This data provides a snapshot of what Britain suddenly became interested in during the year. We constantly have high levels of searches for major household names and general events like the recession but this is looking at individual search stars of 2011” said Oliver Hill, Managing Director of Ask Jeeves.