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Up until the late 1700s, Dutch colonists had the most impact on those within the Companyís reach in both language and culture. In 1795, the Dutch Company finally lost its hold on to the Cape when the British took over. The British occupation had an enormous affect on the development of the Afrikaans speech community which consisted of both white and black people (Van Deusen-Scholl, 1997). Under British rule, the church and educational systems underwent dramatic change. The British continued to allow the Dutch language to be spoken in church and they even provided for the distribution of Bibles translated into Dutch, although the Anglican church was being promoted, and English was the language for official correspondence. It was also during this time that Islam began to grow in popularity in some areas (Ponelis, 1993). This meant that the English had to contend with yet another new religion and new language system to keep their cultural hold on the cape.

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