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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freedom Of Speech

There is no ambiguity about the various advantages of freedom of speech, but with it come the adverse state of affairs that are detrimental to the evolution of the human society. Therefore, to make best use of the freedom of speech, it is essential to put a stop to its misuse by groups that advocate offensive ideas, such as terrorism, racism, sexism, and fascism.

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There are several advantages of freedom of speech. Top of the list is that we can say anything that we like regardless of the consciousness of the issue without fear of punishment or reprisal. This means that we can be able to speak up against any act of oppression that we may observe. This allows Amy people to speak up if they feel that any of their basic rights is being infringed. This right has led to their rise of philosophy and also political theory. Thanks to the freedom of speech people have been able to promote ideas such and capitalism, socialism, democracy and animal rights (Barendt, 89).