Amanda Diva on Sandra Bullock Adopting a Black Baby

You are so young why do you cherish the idea of adopting a white baby oppose to adopting a black baby do you not read the statistics of how many black children in foster homes need a family but you cherish one kind do you hear how you sound good luck!!!

But what’s special about Theron’s situation is that she adopted a black baby…from America.

The current that uses this image, "Transracial adoptions: A 'feel good' act or no 'big deal'?," was inspired by Sandra Bullock's recent adoption of a .
But a white person adopting a black baby is not surprising. What's surprising is what we see in the image: a black person adopting a white child.

Welcome to African American Adoptions

The paper finds the cost of adopting a black baby needs to be $38,000 lower ..

The couple revealed on their new A&E reality show, Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty, that they had recently adopted a black baby after "many, many years" of discussions.