Duck Dynasty’s Jep and Jessica Robertson adopt a Black baby.

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The result is not only discomfort among whites at the thought of nonwhites raising their offspring; African-Americans can also be wary when one of their own is a parent to a child outside their race. Just ask Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker DeMarcus Ware and his wife, Taniqua, who faced a barrage of criticism after adopting a nonblack baby last February. When The New York Times sports page ran a photo of the shirtless new father with what appeared to be a white baby in his arms (and didn't mention race in the accompanying story), it sent a slow shock wave through the African-American community, pitting supporters who celebrated the couple's joy after three painful miscarriages against critics who branded the Wares "self-race-hating individuals" for ignoring the disproportionate number of blacks in foster care. The baby, now their daughter, Marley, is in fact Hispanic. "Do you mean to tell me that the Wares couldn't have found a little black baby to adopt?" snarled one blogger on the Daily Voice, an online African-American newspaper.

But what’s special about Theron’s situation is that she adopted a black baby…from America.

You are so young why do you cherish the idea of adopting a white baby oppose to adopting a black baby do you not read the statistics of how many black children in foster homes need a family but you cherish one kind do you hear how you sound good luck!!!

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Adopt a black baby girl.

Did you hear on the news a white family who adopted a black baby on the plane got slapped by a guy next to the wife? Apparently he was an old guy and drunk but still…..wowwww…but anyways, I sincerely hope you stay with it & don’t suffer idiots.