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When possible, students finding it necessary to be absent from classes should make arrangements with their instructors prior to their absence.

By the end of the story, we understand fully why Ceci McKinney needs to be ABSENT FROM CLASS.

To the educators who are teaching in classrooms all over the Delta, we would like to conduct a quick mental assessment related to your overall working environment. Are you presently experiencing any of the following: students are repeatedly late or absent from class, students are often hostile/disruptive and defiant, vast numbers of students show no interest in school and rarely complete class work, it is difficult to determine if the teachers like the students or if the students see the teachers as the enemy, and most of your school day center around the fear of the unknown? These indicators are usually the characteristics found in an environment where there are low expectations, a culture of apathy and serious leadership issues. When faced with these factors, teachers often go into survival mole, close their doors and pretend that whatever takes place outside of their domain has nothing to do with them.

Absence from Class - Dean of Students

Whatever the reason, college students will likely have to be absent from class every now and then.

can also describe a state of mind, meaning "not all there" or "lost in thought." If you are absent from class on a test day, you will have to explain your , unless your teacher is so absent minded she forgets and just gives you an A.

People get sick. Their cars break down. Loved ones are rushed to the hospital. Whatever the reason, college students will likely have to be absent from class every now and then. Using email to get in touch with a professor whose class you were absent from is not only proper etiquette, but it might be one of the only chances you get to find out what you missed and if and how you can catch up. Injury or illness less than three days. Faculty members may require confirmation of student injury or illness that is serious enough for a student to be absent from class for a period less than three business days (to include classes on Saturday). At the discretion of the faculty member and/or academic department standard, as outlined in the course syllabus, illness confirmation may be obtained by one or both of the following methods: Injury or illness of three or more days. For injury or illness that requires a student to be absent from classes for three or more business days (to include classes on Saturday), the student should obtain a medical confirmation note from his or her medical provider. The Student Health Center or an off-campus medical professional can provide a medical confirmation note only if medical professionals are involved in the medical care of the student. The medical confirmation note must contain the date and time of the illness and medical professional’s confirmation of needed absence.