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A pregnancy is a blessing if it is planned; however, a forced pregnancy is similar to any form of bodily invasion, and is abhorrence to the American values and traditions (Schwarz, 1990). Any person who thinks of bringing an unwanted child into the world without careful consideration should be aware of the consequences of the hard life. Abortion Controversy essays Abortion is a very controversial matter in our society. Because the Supreme Court sets precedents about such important issues, their past decisions play a major role in deciding the right choice on the issue. In the case of a near-term or partial-birth abortion, the baby is turned around and pulled partially out with its head still inside the mother. A social issue is an aspect of the society that concerns the people and would like it changed. The Supreme Court looked into the facts and evidence of the case, and ruled that Roe was right, and her rights to privacy were violated; therefore, the Court decreed that all women had a right to a legal and safe abortion on demand.

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