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If you are able to, find sample persuasive texts, grab a highlighter and start scanning them for main argument points, high modality words, emotive words and connectives. Working through a sample text is a great way to help you understand the general structure and sequence of a specific text.

The Structure of a Persuasive Text:

The posters have examples of persuasive texts on the back, suitable for analysis and discussion. These examples include , reviews, advertisements and letters to the . Included is a learner checklist, which can be photocopied.

Writing A Persuasive Text Poster

*Two-page persuasive text passage that includes simple examples of each persuasive technique

FSRIS Travel is inviting students to nominate their mother as ‘Mother/father/parents of the Year’. The winner will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii. Write a persuasive text to convince the judges why their mother/father should win.

(12) Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Persuasive Text. Students analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about persuasive text and provide evidence from text to support their analysis. Students are expected to:Needed a little bit of tweaking but some great text examples to start my Y4's off thinking about features of persuasive texts. Thanks so much for sharing.
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Text passwords are the ubiquitous method of authentication, used by most people for most online services. Many people choose weak passwords that are vulnerable to attackers who simply guess all the passwords within the most probable password spaces. This paper describes a lightweight password creation mechanism that uses Persuasive Technology to influence users to create stronger passwords. Results from a pilot study show that our Persuasive Text Passwords (PTP) prototype system successfully influenced users to create and remember more secure passwords.My students are learning to write a Persuasive Text (Exposition / Discussion). I’m starting simple and incorporating teaching paragraphing into our sessions. are being used to support the learning of genre structure and to develop success criteria with the children.Persuasive text posters is a set of six A2 (594 mm x 420 mm) full-colour, laminated posters suitable for use with primary learners. The posters in the set cover information about what persuasive text is, types of persuasive text, the structure of a persuasive text, language features of a persuasive text, persuasive text vocabulary and a persuasive writing checklist.