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Thisis a mystery letter. I have not yet found a David Libby, although there isa who married a . His mother was . I have speculated that the letter was kept and handed downthrough Aphia Libby to James F. Brackett because David was her brother and hadbeen lost at sea after writing this letter. Then, for some reason, perhapson the death of her husband, Linda Foss returned to her family, still keepingthis letter. All romantic conjecture, of course. Perhaps someone canidentify these people, David Libby and his father, Joseph Libby. I includethe letter in this page as an example of early 19th Century writing. Ihave corrected or updated spelling and punctuation in the transcription in orderto make the letter easier to read.

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I am having a hard time reading the occasional number, but have found that handwriting analysis pages on the internet about 19th century handwriting fail to include a section on numbers (numerals). Hmm….

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